When to Begin Orthodontic Treatment


When to begin Treatment

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends your child receive their first orthodontic exam by age 7 to evaluate the appropriate time to begin treatment.

Early treatment, or Phase I treatment, is the first of two treatment phases that will prepare your child for braces. The first phase begins before all the of the permanent teeth have emerged. “Timing is everything” – as they say. The second phase of treatment will begin as your child gets older, at the appropriate time determined by our orthodontists.









Benefits Of early Treatment

The goal of early treatment is to develop the child's jaws to make room for the future permanent teeth and to improve the relationship of the upper and lower jaws. This preliminary correction can often prevent more severe problems from developing and simplify future treatment. Leaving a severe condition untreated until all permanent teeth erupt can result in a problem too severe to correct with braces alone.

After your child completes Phase I treatment, they will wear retainers and are checked every four to six months as part of our complimentary orthodontic supervisory program while waiting for the remaining permanent teeth to erupt, until they’re ready to begin Phase II treatment – full braces.