Newport, RI - Chances are you probably had braces as a kid or at least had friends with braces.  We can all agree that the stories of having to take those goopy impressions during your appointment certainly added stress to the experience. Luckily, over the last decade, there have been several technological improvements in the orthodontic industry that have made treatment significantly more comfortable. 

1.) Scanning Technology ( more messy impressions!)

Among one of the most significant enhancements to orthodontic treatment is scanning technology. With the iTero® Intraoral Scanner, the orthodontic assistant can take precise real-time imagery of your teeth in about 5 minutes - without the mess! This scanning technology works well with Invisalign treatment produces very accurate results! 

2.) Invisalign® Treatment

Ok, you've probably heard about Invisalign, but over the last few years, there have been several impressive changes in the quality of the materials and technology used for treating patients. The removable clear aligners allow for more flexibility for patients and a more discrete treatment option. In fact, you might have been told you were not a candidate for Invisalign® treatment in the past but with the technological enhancements you may now qualify!

3.) Self-Ligating Brackets (More Comfortable and Fewer Office Visits!) 

Similar to the appearance of traditional brackets, new self-ligating brackets eliminate the need for "ties," which hold an arch wire in place in traditional brackets. Self-ligating brackets hold the wire in place using a special clip that lets the wire move more efficiently and provides for a more comfortable experience for the patient. As a patient, you can even choose if you want traditional metal or ceramic brackets if you're looking for more of a discrete treatment option. 

4.) Free Personalized Smile Consultations

That's right - Free. There is no charge or referral required to schedule an initial exam. During the first visit, patients will meet the Orthodontist and the team, take a tour of the practice, take some photos, and receive an X-ray. Dr. Forster, in our case, will then review the records and meet with you discuss the most effective treatment plan for the patient. If the patient is not quite ready to start treatment, we will continue to monitor their progress over time at no charge until they are ready. Adults, children, and teens can take advantage of this complimentary consultation by giving the practice a call and asking for the next available appointment!

5.) Convenient Appointments Based On Your Schedule

You have a busy schedule. Balancing life with doctor appointments is a fine art. Luckily with the newer advancements in scheduling technology, we're able to work around your schedule and ensure that your appointments fit your needs. By offering early morning and later afternoon appointments, as well as our convenient appointment reminder systems, making it to your appointment almost checks itself off the "to-do" list.

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