Adult Braces


Braces aren't just for kids...

It's never too late! With the use of state-of-the-art technology like 3D scanners and clear braces, we’re able to provide you with a customized treatment plan that caters to the needs of your lifestyle, saves you time, and results in the amazing smile you’ve been looking for.

We take pride, at Forster Orthodontics, in providing a comfortable environment for adult patients during their visits and even offer complimentary Wi-Fi in the office so you don't miss a beat in productivity.

Our treatment options for adults include Invisalign, metal braces, clear braces, or even lingual braces that go behind your teeth!

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Adults can enjoy the following benefits of orthodontic treatment: 

  • Align the teeth to create a more aesthetic and beautiful smile

  • Correct relapse after previous orthodontic treatment due to lack of long term

    retainer wear

  • Improve the ability to brush and floss, especially for crowded or overlapping

    lower front teeth

  • Create a better or more comfortable bite and ability to chew

  • Address missing teeth

  • Close spaces between the teeth

  • Reduce excessive wear on the teeth due to grinding or poor bite

  • Jaw surgery to correct the relationship between the upper and lower jaws